These celebs are super rich, but horrible tippers

Everybody knows that wait staff have to make their living from their tips. Everyone knows. This is doubly true for celebrities, many of whom had to bus tables before they got their big break. So why is it that so many celebrities get so cheap when it comes to putting down that 20%?

Of course, many celebrities are also known for their generosity. George Michael of Wham! was famous for leaving behind tips of $1,000 or more for great service. But these 7 celebrities straight up suck at tipping. Their meanness knows no bounds and if you see them arrive in your place of work – you might want to ask a colleague to serve them.

Absolutely nothing at all

Kirsten Dunst, who must have raked in a pretty penny from her huge film and TV career, may be the cheapest celebrity of them all.

Several wait staff say that no matter how big Kirsten’s meal bill runs that she always leaves nothing as a gratuity. One waiter also unkindly commented that she doesn’t smell very nice either.

Not even when the food is free

Gene Simmons, the Kiss frontman, is renowned for being cheap. He won’t even marry his long-time partner in case she gets her hands on his money. But when he was comped an $800 meal, he was still too cheap to leave so much as a dime as a tip.

Puts cheapness in writing

Ron White, the comedian, hit up a bar in downtown Denver. He brought a huge party of girls with him and proceeded to run up a $1,200 bar tab! Then he paid by credit card and on the tip line, he actually wrote in zero. So there’s no question that Ron’s a miser.

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