The biggest lotto wins in American history

The Powerball and Mega Millions are two of the biggest lotteries in the world and while the prizes aren’t always the biggest in the world, there have been some incredible jackpots paid out during the Powerball and Mega Millions’ draws.

It’s everyone’s fantasy to win the lottery, but some people win rather more than they might have expected in their wildest dreams.

These lucky winners did just that. Their prize money ran into 8 figures and it may have taken quite some time to work out just how to spend all that lovely loot. So let’s take a look at the biggest lotto wins in American History.

$540 million – Mega Millions

One lucky ticket buyer in Indiana must have had the shock of their lives when the Mega Millions paid out an incredible $540 million to a single individual. However, not all lottery winners want publicity and this one chose to remain anonymous. This is quite often because the winner is afraid that their life will get a bit more complicated if everyone knows of their good fortune.

$564 Million – Powerball

This may be a bigger payout than the last, but it was shared three ways when the Powerball paid $564 million. Marie Holmes, a mother from North Carolina and who had been working at Walmart, was the face of the win and she shared the prize with a trust in Texas and an anonymous individual in Puerto Rico.

$587.5 Million – Powerball

This jackpot was shared between a couple in Missouri, Cindy and Mark Hill, who’d actually decided to stop buying tickets for the next draw when they won and a man in Arizona, Matthew Good, who had wanted to be anonymous but had been outed by the public record laws of the state of Arizona.

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