Sexy photos of the 7 highest-paid actresses in Hollywood

We all know that actresses at the top of their profession are well-paid, but just how well paid exactly? Well, for the seven lucky stars of this article, the answer is a lot. An awful lot of money.

The average actress in America is paid $43 an hour. That’s not terrible money, but the work isn’t always regular and they rarely get 40 hours a week. Those at the top of the box office billing, however, would barely see that $43 as pocket change. Their fees are in the millions and even the lowest paid gets more than most of us can ever dream of.

Amy Adams

Amy Adams surely has talent as she’s now been nominated for 5 Oscars. However, if you’d like to make use of that talent in your home movie – you’ll need to offer her $13.5 million which is what she charges for a single motion picture lead performance.

Charlize Theron

$16.5 million is what Charlize packs away in an average year. Even as a supporting actress in the recent Mad Max: Fury Road, her paycheck was a reportedly insane $10 million. Her Oscar-winning performance in Monster helped Charlize secure the top paychecks and put her in at number 6 of the highest paid actresses.

Fan Bingbing

The only non-American actress on the list is China’s Fan Bingbing. She earns $17 million a year though it’s possible that not all of that is from her film work as she’s also a massive hit pop star in China too. She is the richest celebrity in China.

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