The CEOs of these websites make way too much money

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last decade you have probably grown an addiction to at least a handful of popular websites. Amazon, Facebook, Google, Airbnb, Snapchat — those are just a few of the popular sites billions of users flock to on a daily basis. With such a massive reach, those companies and others like them are now worth billions of dollars.

Leading the charge at each company are a handful of powerful and very rich CEOs.

We’ve compiled a list of the richest and most respected website founders and CEOs and the amount of money they earn will absolutely blow your mind.

From compensation packages that will shock you to annual salaries that could allow every CEO on our list to retire after one year, these power players have made names for themselves and their revolutionary websites.

The massive wealth of Expedia’s CEO might be the most shocking pn our list.

Marissa Mayer Made A Killing Even As Yahoo Failed To Gain Traction

Yahoo was sold in 2016 and CEO Marissa Mayer made out like a bandit. Thanks to a golden parachute that would make any executive blush, Mayer brought home $162 million in salary and stock awards in 2016. During her four-year tenure at Yahoo, Mayer failed to turn the company around but still managed to collect total compensation of $219 million.

Marc Benioff Brings Home A Massive Payday

Marc Benioff serves as both the CEO and chairman of and his company continues to bring in billions of dollars in sales. In 2015, one of the most powerful men in Silicon Valley brought home nearly $33.4 million. His salary was only $1.5 million but he was awarded nearly $18 million in stocks, collected a $3.1 million bonus, and exercised $9.8 million in option awards. His annual take home pales in comparison to his $3.6 billion in personal wealth.  The Salesforce website is used by tens of millions of business professionals on a daily basis.

Jeff Weiner Claimed Millions Thanks To LinkedIn’s Sale To Microsoft

Jeff Weiner is regularly touted as one of the best CEOs in the world and in 2016 he proved those claims. Weiner helped lead Linkedin through a sale to Microsoft for a mind-boggling $26.2 billion. Microsoft paid a 50% premium over the company’s closing stock price which yielded Weiner a huge return. The company’s CEO took home $32 million. His pay included a $2.5 million cash severance, $23 million in restricted stock, and $6.4 million in stock options. With a few reductions in stock price he is expected to take home $28 million in 2016. Just like Benioff, Weiner has proven on a yearly basis that business websites can be incredibly lucrative.

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