You’re 30 and still single (that means you’re doing something wrong)

Thirty and single? It’s not them. It’s you. Dude, it’s time to sort out the things that put a partner off and turn into something resembling an adult.

Things that are cute in our twenties become a major turn off in our thirties. It’s when things go from being fun all the time to a minimum level of responsibility.

Nobody wants to play a family with a guy who can’t tick the simple boxes in a relationship. So if you practice any of these seven characteristics – it’s time to shape up, sailor. Or ship out for good.

Your home looks like a bombsite

You don’t have to do your own cleaning, you slob. You do, however, have to make sure your place is neat and tidy. A disorganized home is a reflection of a disorganized mind. Nobody wants their children to be a complete domestic disaster. So either hire a cleaner or get scrubbing.

You’re just too much

Sure, a little arrogance can be attractive in the first instance but in the long-run, it gets annoying fast. If you can’t sort out your attitude, you’re going to be seen as something of a monster. That’s no problem in the bed-hopping days of someone’s twenties but it’s a major stumbling block to a permanent relationship.

You’re a Green-Eyed Monster

Jealousy isn’t attractive. It sucks. If you’re unable to trust someone, why should they trust you in return? Jealousy eats into every aspect of a relationship, fouling it like an angry old dog that bites. Grow up or seek therapy. You need to get that Green-Eyed Monster back in the bag.

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