The most deadly and horrific car accidents in US history

The last ride home

It would be the last time Kevin Chittum and his fiancée would ever see their two-year-old daughter. A massive storm on July 14th, 1988 blew through while the two lovebirds along with relatives and friends packed into one car and headed to a county carnival. The storm caused them to hit an 18-wheeler head-on. Everybody was killed, including the driver of 18-wheeler.

The crazy Connecticut toll booth collision

During the winter of 1983 in Connecticut, several cars were involved in a pileup accident while traveling through a toll booth. A truck lost control and slid into the car only lane, striking multiple vehicles and causing a deadly explosion. The fatal explosion killed seven people and injured several more.

The ice storm automobile disaster

Storm Pixaby

A killer ice storm struck Maryland on January 19, 2009. This dangerous ice and snow storm triggered a record of 20 crashes within one night. However, the most horrific was a pile-up of 35 cars and seven tractor-trailers. This accident caused two people to lose their lives, and wounded 35 people. There were 12 of the victims that were seriously hurt.

The crash of Mike Harmon

In 2002, Mike Harmon, a professional race car driver, had a near-fatal collision at the Bristol Motor Speedway. During a practice run, Harmon crashed into a poorly-secured gate and then into the concrete wall. The car was completely totaled, though fortunately for Harmon, he managed to walk away relatively unharmed.


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