The most deadly and horrific car accidents in US history

Did you know that that car accidents kill one American every two hours, and cost the nation around $28 billion a year? If you are living in the U.S., in any given year, you might be unaware that the average American has around a 4% risk of being caught up in a crash. in recent years, they have been on the rise. The downside for some is that it has caused fear of driving. However, the upside is that learning about it could save your life and make you a safer driver. Here are some of the worst automobile accidents ever recorded in U.S. history.

The I-75 nightmare

Tennesse Pile up

Who would have thought fog could lead to a deadly disaster? On December 11, 1990, in Tennessee, on I-75, a thick fog covered the crowded highway and caused a 70-car collision. The rubble went on for at least a half a mile and before it was all over, would claim the lives of 13 people.

The church trip catastrophe

One of the saddest accidents in U.S. history involved a bus full of children which occurred in May of 1988. Just before midnight, the bus was hit head-on by a drunk driver. The collision was so powerful that it damaged the door blocking the kids from escaping. Unfortunately, 27 passengers perished, and 34 were wounded.

Deadly dust storm

On November 29, 1991, a drought hit California causing dust storms that were traveling over 40 miles an hour. Soon, it turned into a massive and violent dust storm that harshly diminished visibility. Before long, 104 vehicles had piled up killing 17 people. Not to mention seriously injuring 150 drivers.

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