The 10 best cities for your bachelor/bachelorette party

Getting married? Know someone who’s getting married? Then you’re going to need to sort out a bachelor party and a bachelorette party sometime soon. While you can always stay at home and organize something, what better way to build up to the big event than to head somewhere exciting and have a blowout in style?

Choosing a party destination means taking into account the costs of the trip, the amount of fun to be had and the variety of things to do between time spent in bars. We’ve found the ten hottest destinations that tick all the boxes for your bachelor or bachelorette party.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Why not take things international and head to Mexico? Cabo San Lucas is one of the safest cities in the country and while airfare might set you back a little more than going somewhere local, you won’t find cheaper hotels or beers anywhere. It also has awesome beaches and super nightlife.

Denver, Colorado

Denver is as safe a destination as you could wish for. It also has a ton of cultural heritage and brewery tours for daytime fun. Hotel prices are pretty low for America too. The nightlife, however, is where it’s at and Denver is an awesome place to party in a style of your choosing.

Dallas, Texas

Fine dining is the hallmark of a good night out in Dallas and you’ll find celebrity chefs galore to cater for you. The beer’s not ridiculously expensive and the nightlife is complemented by comedy clubs and live music. Hotels are also surprisingly affordable in Dallas and flights shouldn’t set you back too much either.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Canada’s answer to Las Vegas (well at least on Granville Street), Vancouver is very cheap indeed for hotel rooms. Beers are about average price and there’s an endless supply of nocturnal entertainment in the form of nightclubs, bars and music venues. The city never sleeps and everything closes very late.

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