Sick of bad 2016 news? Here are 7 stories that will make you smile

Pizza donation

While undergoing treatment for colon cancer, Josh Katrick hit the jackpot when he won a year’s supply of free pizza at his local restaurant Mario’s Pizza. Instead of chowing down on his prize, he decided to give all of the pizza away to the Northampton Food Bank in Northampton, Pennsylvania. When word spread of his good deed, the owners of Mario’s Pizza decided to give Katrick and the food bank free pizza for a year.

Unemployment at an all time low

With 178,000 jobs added in November, unemployment reached a low 4.6 percent. The rate hasn’t been that low since August 2007. November’s new jobs were also much higher than the average of 175,333 jobs added over the last three months. With the addition of rising wages, the economy had an overall solid 2016.

Death to ticket bots

Back in June, New York passed a law banning ticket bots from purchasing multiple tickets to concerts and sporting events. In his last days as president, Barack Obama signed the Better Online Ticket Sales (BOTS) Act of 2016, which means that everyone in the United States will have a fair shot at gaining tickets.

Cubs finally win the big one again

It only took them 107 seasons, but the Chicago Cubs finally returned to the top of the baseball world with their miraculous win at the World Series. As expected, the whole world had their eyes glued to the TV screen to watch them battle the Cleveland Indians for seven intense games.


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