If these 7 online dating sites were people…

If you haven’t tried online dating, you should definitely check it out. It’s full of entertainment, and at the very least, you can have fun harmlessly judging other people. The best thing that could happen is an actual, real-life date or—gasp!—even a relationship. It’s also a good way to practice talking about yourself.

With that being said, these online dating sites and apps can sometimes put the eekin seeking. When you sign on, you are talking to complete strangers, so weirdness is pretty much the name of the game.

It’s almost like each dating app attracts a very specific kind of personality, which made us wonder — what if these apps were actual people?

What would Tinder be like in real life? Would you hang out with Plenty Of Fish? Is Match kind of a stuck-up b****?

Read on to find out!

Tinder: Meet Chad

Chad, 24, is a recent college graduate working in finance, insurance, or accounting. He’s “living life to the fullest” and “family comes first” for him. When he isn’t at work or the gym, he finds the time to swipe until he matches with his ideal one-night stand.

OkCupid: Meet Leslie

Leslie is awesome but perhaps a little shy, and she’s most likely seeking other awesome and shy partners. She’s willing to put in the work by filling out a lengthy profile and answering scores of personality quiz questions in order to find her perfect match. It’s clear she’s looking for the real deal.

JDate: Meet Ezra

There’s a 99.9% chance that Ezra is looking to get hitched, and there’s a 75% chance that he’s going to report back to his family with first date details. No shame in his game, though. When he finds the right girl, they’re going to create a family that will make their parents proud.

But where are you going to find the hot guys who are down for anything? Click through to meet Paul!

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