7 major problems that will kill your marriage

No one’s marriage is perfect (and if you think yours is, why are you reading this?). When you say “I do” standing across from your special someone, you think that nothing in the world can tear you apart. You’ll solve every disagreement, you’ll continue to have passionate sex, and you’ll always feel as in love as you do right then.

But life throws curveballs, and like anything else, a solid marriage takes hard, committed work from both partners. If you and your spouse aren’t committed to keeping the spark alive, it can burn out quickly. These 7 problems are more common than you think, and if you’re experiencing one or more of them with your partner, you might be on the road to divorce.

Click through to read them all, especially #2 — it’s one of the most subtle issues that can plague even the healthiest marriage!

Unrealistic expectations

Remember that bit in the intro about solving every disagreement, continuing to have sex passionately, and always being in love? None of that is realistic, and if it’s what you’re expecting, you’re headed for trouble. Having unrealistic expectations of marriage (and more importantly, of your spouse as a human being) can derail a marriage early, so adjust those expectations before saying “I do.”

Problems in the bedroom

While most couples are uncomfortable with admitting how important sex is in their relationship, it’s a crucial aspect of a healthy relationship that can’t be overlooked. Good relationships can hit a rough patch if one or both or the partners aren’t sexually satisfied, and this can lead to infidelity as a partner tries to fill that gap with someone else. Serious medical problems like erectile dysfunction and low sex drive can have a damaging effect on your relationship as well — all the more reason to get the help you need to stay regular in the bedroom.

Money problems

Even if you have a great sex life and a strong emotional commitment, real-world issues like finances can absolutely cripple a marriage. Some couples try to keep finances separate and hide financial struggle from one another. Others aren’t completely honest about the amount of debt they bring into a marriage from the get-go.

Open communication about financial issues and a strong partnership dedicated to financial solvency are absolutely required in any marriage.

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