12 ways toddlers act worse than your drunk friends

Anyone who has a toddler knows what a handful they can be. A mood swing here, a meltdown there, and an extreme lack of coordination all around. They stumble around and go on epic emotional tirades and can be pretty difficult to control, to say the least.

Sound familiar? Sound like anyone else you know?

We’re basically describing drunk people, right? The only real difference is that toddlers don’t have an excuse like alcohol for the way they behave. Your drunken college friends can get a night of bad behavior out of their system with a good night’s sleep and a cup of coffee, but with toddlers, it’s 24/7.

Still don’t buy it? Here are 12 examples of what we’re talking about.

Gazes at you, strongly. Never opens their mouth

The familiar gaze that a child does is super similar to that of a drunk friend. We have all seen it at least once, right? It is as if they are in another world, just waiting on a spaceship to just land and tell them, “Okay, it is time to return to earth.”

Slips and falls. Gets furious at you

The slip and fall thing is all too familiar. Like a toddler that looks like they are trying to learn their first steps in walking so is the same with a drunk friend that just can’t seem to stay on those toes. If that is not bad enough, they blame you as if it’s your fault.

Has crap motor skills

As if they are totally lost in space, the toddler wanders around bumping into things like the game of ping pong. Or picking up pieces of paper and just staring at them. The way they sway back and forth is just like a drunk person that has had a few too many. Motor skills have simply gone on vacation.

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